Veterans’ Home Care

Maintain your independence

How to maintain your independence with Veterans’ Home Care?

Oxley Home Care are currently contracted by the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide Veteran home care services for veterans living in Northern Sydney including clients living within the local community and throughout the Northern Beaches and Lower and Upper North Shore and those living in independent Living in Villages like RSL Village.

What level of assistance is available?

The hours per week and frequency of visitations offered for a veteran receiving the VHC service will be determined by the VHC assessment agency based on your needs.

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What VHC services does Oxley Home Care provide?

Oxley Home Care provides a range of in home support to Veteran Home Care clients providing services designed to meet your needs including:

Domestic Assistance:

Assistance with domestic tasks such as household cleaning, dishwashing, clothes, washing and ironing.

Home and Garden Maintenance:

Assist in keeping the home safe and habitable by minimising.

In-home Respite Care:

Respite support for the primary carer so they can take a break from their caring role.

Personal Care:

Low level support with personal care and dressing.

What happens if my needs are greater than the support I am getting?

If you require a higher level of care than what is accessible through VHC or any type of nursing services, DVA Community Nursing Support may be an option. Referrals can be made by any Doctor or Hospital Discharge Planner directly to Oxley Home Care.

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