Social Support and Companionship

It’s the little things in life that sometimes mean the most.

We provide regular social support and companionship. Whether it be a cup of tea at home or at a local cafe or an outing to enjoy your hobby, we can assist. It’s completely up to you.

We are passionate about helping you to live independently in your own home and remain active in your community.

We provide an extensive range of support from low level to high level and complex personal care. Our services can be funded privately or can be provided through government subsidised funding, including Home Care Packages.

A minimum booking of just one hour allows for maximum flexibility and affordability. Our 24/7 on-call service means you can reach us at any time. We will be there when you need us most.

We focus on restorative care that creates independence rather than encouraging dependence. Our staff will ‘do with’ rather than ‘do for’, which is proven to instill confidence and a sense of self-worth in those we care for.

We are an Accredited and Approved Provider of Home Care Services and Home Care Packages.

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