Advances in wound care management taught to home care nursing staff

Like all Australian industries, nursing often has advances occurring rapidly. So, it’s important that home care nursing staff attend regular training and keep their skills levels up to date, especially in an area like wound management.

Advances in wound care management

Advances in wound care products and treatment options are available through companies such as Smith & Nephew, and Oxley Home Care aged care nursing staff regularly attend seminars operated by this company.

Smith & Nephew offer a number of in-person and online courses in conjunction with those provided by leading clinicians and researchers. It develops, organises and delivers educational events focused on specific areas such as skin tears and leg ulcers.

"Smith & Nephew wound dressings are designed to stay on for up to seven days. They reduce the cost of nursing for our clients, as a home care nurse is only required to visit once a week to change dressings," said Gilian Douglass, Director and General Manager of Oxley Home Care.

"The quality of the Allevyn Life dressing is amazing and the wound heal rates are 20 to 50 per cent better than previous wound dressing products. The partnership we have with Smith & Nephew is excellent," Gilian Douglass continued.

Modular based courses

The Global Wound Academy offers a series of modular based courses at different levels, within which home care nursing staff can extend their knowledge of wound care.

Interactive patient studies enable students to assess, diagnose and treat patients based on their medical history and the results of clinical tests. They can then discover if the diagnosis and subsequent treatment correlate with the latest thinking in wound care.

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Gilian Douglass

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