Questions you should ask a Home Care Provider…

It becomes all too clear when the time is right to engage the services of a home care provider to look after a loved one. Perhaps they need help with household chores, doing the weekly shopping or possibly they need a higher level of nursing care?

Once the eligibility for home care has been ascertained and confirmed, there are a number of factors needed to be taken into account before engaging a home care service provider.

  1. Know the level of in-home care that is required.

For example, domestic and social care includes meal preparation, light housekeeping and assistance with daily activities such as reading, and entertainment.

Personal Care includes the basic activities of daily living – eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence. This level of care requires a higher level of training than domestic and social care.

Nursing Care is provided by a licensed skilled professional such as a nurse, licensed practical nurse, physical therapist, or occupational therapist.

  1. Once you’ve established what type of home assistance is required, write a job description to help clarify what you need from a home care worker.

It’s so much easier to know what skills to look for in a home care worker when you understand exactly what the requirements will be.

  1. Where do they live?

It makes sense to have a home care worker who lives in your local community to avoid delaying factors such as traffic. Also, having a local resident means they will be familiar with the geography and will be knowledgeable on local community services and amenities.

  1. Do they have appropriate health care training for the care required?

For example, do you need nursing or medical care, or do you just need help around the home with chores, appointments, social outings, etc?

  1. Do they have a valid drivers license and a car?

Driving to appointments or to the local shopping centre may be required, so it will be crucial that the home care worker will hold a valid driving license. They will also need access to a reliable and well-maintained car.

  1. Do they have the ability to lift a care recipient and/or operate special equipment if required?

Many people may require the use of a walking frame or wheelchair. Is the care worker physically capable of lifting the equipment (and the client) and does the equipment fit in their car?

  1. Do they have experience with caring for people with dementia or other conditions (depending on what is appropriate to the individual’s situation)?

Caring for a person with dementia can be challenging. Having a home care worker who understands and can handle situations will give peace of mind to the client’s family.

  1. Do they have language skills – if appropriate?

If English is a second language, perhaps you might feel more comfortable with a home care worker who speaks your native language.

  1. After hours support is critical

You will want to have an understanding of the availability of your home care worker outside of regular business hours, and how easily they can be contacted. An-after hours call service is very useful to clients in this situation.

  1. It’s a relationship

Deciding on using a home care service provider is an important decision. It is a trusted relationship and one which should not be taken lightly. There needs to be mutual respect and trust between client (and the client’s family) and the carer.

Oxley Home Care is an award-winning, nationally accredited family owned and operated business. For the last 10 years, we have been providing in-home care throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, to enable people to live independently in their own home. Our teams of carefully selected, fully qualified and experienced care workers and nurses are here to help you. Our Care Managers will discuss and develop a care plan designed to meet your individual and specific needs.

Oxley Home Care workers are culturally diverse (speaking 28 languages), hold Certificated III Aged Care qualifications and are experienced in supporting clients with dementia, catheters and stomas.  They are able to deliver services including: complex care using the Client Directed Care model of promoting wellness and independence. Our care workers mainly live locally to their clients and utilise their own well-maintained cars to travel to their clients. Oxley Home Care can be reached on 1300 993 591.

Gilian Douglass

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