Maggie Beer to launch recipe book to help Australia’s elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease

Well-loved Australian cook, Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martins, a leading Alzheimer’s Disease Researcher, have teamed up to help Australia’s elderly fight a debilitating disease – Alzheimer’s Disease.

Using the latest scientific research, Maggie Beer has created more than 200 recipes in Maggie’s Recipe for Life, to help provide nutrient-dense recipes to assist in fulfilling elderly people’s need for optimum brain health. The timing of the launch of her book is ideal, as September is Dementia Awareness Month, as held by Alzheimer’s Australia.

The book was conceived as a result of Maggie Beer establishing the Maggie Beer Foundation in 2014 to bring about change to the well-being of Australia’s elderly and support their access to food full of flavours and nutrients.

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After being named Senior Australian of the Year in 2010, Maggie Beer began to realise the importance of creating a foundation. The Maggie Beer Foundation promotes breakthroughs in research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the sharing of policy ideas.

Maggie Beer said: “I believe it should be everyone’s right to have good food. My hope is that every meal can give comfort and pleasure, always something to look forward to.”

Mediterranean Diet

Through the Foundation, Maggie Beer advocates the cooking of simple food, similar to the Mediterranean diet, with a focus on vegetables in all different colours, oily fish, legumes, wholegrains, herbs and good fats.

As Maggie Beer said to ‘The Canberra Times’: “There needs to be small bites of food they (elderly people) can pick up, so they’re not embarrassed if they can’t remember how to use a knife and fork. There needs to be food that are small bites but carry such a punch of nutrition and pleasure. They need cues on when to eat from the smells of food. So, it’s often the small things.”

During one of the Foundation’s recent ‘Creating an Appetite for Life Education Program’, the participants were informed of the importance of using the five senses in aged care cooking, creating finger food, cooking high energy and high nutrition food, and texture modified food that’s suitable for those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).

Try the Maggie Beer Foundation, Chicken Schnitzel, Potato Salad & Salsa Recipe

Four ways you can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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