How to Prepare for your Aged Care Assessment

How does an ACAT Assessment work?

Over the phone, My Aged Care will help work out what type of assessment you need and will start the process for you. Call them on 1800 200 422.

What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is the government gateway for all aged care needs, including assessment and information on aged care support and programs across Australia. They should be your first point of contact.

How can I prepare for my ACAT Assessment at home?

The My Aged Care contact centre staff are likely to organise a home support assessment if you have entry level aged care needs to assist you in remaining living at home and in the community safely. You can have a family member, friend or carer attend your assessment for support

What happens during the ACAT Assessment?

During your Assessment, you will be asked about what you can do for yourself and what you are seeking assistance with. It will help if you can think about what your needs are and about the help you will want in the foreseeable future.

You may be asked about:

Any support that you are currently receivingIf you have any health concernsHow you are managing with activities around the homeSome questions relating to your safety in the home.

During a Home Support Assessment, you may be observed moving in and around your home.

The assessor will work with you to develop a support plan to help identify your strengths and your areas of difficulty, goals and what you would like to achieve. The plan will help you and the assessor identify the types of support that will best suit you.

When should I agree to have an assessment of my needs?

Some older people worry that an assessment means a fast-track into a nursing home. The truth is, that most people will be linked into community care services to help them stay living in their own home.

The assessment is an opportunity to identify options. You can decide once you have received the outcome of your assessment.

Once you’ve had your assessment, you can make up your own mind about whether you want to accept the outcome.

For more information, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or use their web site

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