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We receive calls from people that have recently been approved for a Home Care Package.

They are sometimes surprised to discover that being approved for a Home Care Package doesn’t mean that they have will receive a Home Care Package just yet.

1. What does the letter mean?

It means that you have been successful in your My Aged Care assessment for home care assistance. You have been approved for a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 Home Care Package. Level 1 is the lowest amount of funds and Level 4 is the highest.

You have been placed in a national priority queue for Home Care Packages, for when it becomes available.

Sample Letter of Approval from My Aged Care: 
Letter of Assignment, My Aged Care, Oxley Home Care

2. You will be contacted when a suitable package becomes available for you.

There may be a waiting period between the time you are approved for care and the time that you are assigned a Home Care Package. This waiting period is based on your needs and circumstances as well as the time you have already spent waiting for care.

During this time, if you need help, we can assist with Private Care, which is based on a fee for service. Our Private Care Services offer individually tailored, flexible care in your home. Services can be combined in any way that suits you. For more information, call us on 1300 993 591.

3. What should I do next?

While you’re waiting for a Home Care Package to be assigned to you, it’s recommended that you research Home Care Providers in your local area.

At Oxley Home Care, we ensure your Home Care Package is exactly how you want it – you determine your type of care, how it is delivered and who delivers it. Simply call us for more information on 1300 993 591. 

If you need help in choosing a local Home Care Provider, My Aged Care can assist through the Service Finder on their web site.

4. Find out:

  • How the Home Care Provider can best meet your needs.
  • The fees payable – administration, case management and exit fees. Oxley Home Care doesn’t charge an exit fee.
  • Personal contributions you’ll be expected to pay towards the cost of your care

5. There are two types of fees that you can expect to pay:

  • A basic daily fee, the maximum being 17.5 per cent of the single person rate of the basic Age Pension.
  • Depending on your income, you may be asked to contribute more to the cost of your care. This is known as the ‘income-tested care fee’ and is in addition to the basic daily fee.

6. Receive your letter of assignment

My Aged Care will send you a letter of assignment of your Home Care Package. This letter will provide a 10 digit Referral Code, that will be needed by the Home Care Provider, so that they can connect the Home Care Package with My Aged Care and begin services on your behalf.

Oxley Home Care does not charge exit fees

At Oxley Home Care, we do not charge start-up fees, re-assessment or exit fees. Funds are not “packaged” for spending per month and all surplus money not spent each month is rolled over and accumulated to spend as you wish.

Oxley Home Care can help you

If you’ve decided that you would like Oxley Home Care to be your Home Care Approved Provider, we can take care of all of the paperwork.

Simply call us on 1300 993 591 and we will walk you through the process, under your direction.

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Have you received your Home Care Package?

To be eligible for a subsidised Home Care Package, you must register with My Aged Care and be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). We can help you do this by phone or online. Please feel free to call us on 1800 221 039.

We also offer a range of Private Care options that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Testimonials from our valued clients.

My Care Worker, Karin, is so efficient, capable and caring. She has proved to be intelligent, reliable, conscientious and her integrity is undoubted. She has been a huge factor in my living in my own home with all my health problems.
Her assistance in so many ways has contributed greatly to me achieving this and hopefully will continue for some time to come. I am very lucky to have the assistance of such a capable and understanding Care Worker from Oxley Home Care.

Brian, Wahroonga

Testimonials from our valued clients.

I have been fortunate and blessed. My mother has been looked after with such professionalism, kindness and concern that is usually offered by a daughter or son. The Case Managers have never said no to my needs or wishes.

Victoria, Belrose

Testimonials from our valued clients.

Hi Gillian, I just wanted to let you know that sadly, I will be finishing up at CCNB on Friday. It has been a pleasure working with you over the last 9ish years, Oxley have always been so responsive and easy to work with, yourself in particular, and CCNB really value the relationship we have with you. I hope there are many more years of a successful partnership to come.

Sheryl, Mona Vale

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