Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

When we think of Father’s Day, we often think of home-made cards, ties, shirts, handkerchiefs and slippers.

But, when it comes to an older father, a Father’s Day gift requires more serious thought and consideration given to his eyesight, mobility, hearing and interests.

  1. Hire a handy-person to do some heavy duty jobs around your father’s home and garden – lawn mowing, gardening, window washing, house washing, carpet cleaning and spring cleaning.
  2. Consider buying equipment that will help your father continue being mobile in his home – a shower bench, a hand-held shower wand, a raised toilet seat and a long-handled shoe horn.
  3. Purchase a gift certificate from Oxley Home Care for your father to receive his favourite home cooked meal, general housekeeping duties, or to be driven to an event to visit relatives or family members. The minimum booking for such a service is one hour, with all staff being comprehensively trained and police checked.
  4. Buy large print books and audio books, large numbered playing cards, crosswords or puzzle books, newspaper/magazine subscriptions or remote earphones for your father to hear his favourite TV program or music.
  5. If your dad is a primary caregiver to your mum in their home – give him a well-deserved break away from his caring role, by arranging an Oxley Home Care Worker to come to your home. Such a carer can provide medication support, personal care and assist with showering, dressing and grooming.
  6. Consider giving comfortable clothes that won’t be a trip hazard – strong and sturdy shoes, non-skid slippers, tracksuit pants, cotton socks and underpants.
  7. Give presents that ensure your father will be safe at home are great for peace of mind, such as a pre-season inspection of his air conditioner system or oil/gas heater.
  8. Arrange for your father to be placed on a ‘do not call’ list. This will only take you a few minutes and will help ensure that he’s not inundated with nuisance calls or called as part of a telemarketing scam.
  9. Give time. Visit your father with your family or make a special phone call if you can’t make it in person. Going out for lunch, looking through family photos and just spending time together will be important to your dad.
  10. And finally, if you feel Dad is needing extra care on longer-term basis, think about giving him the ‘gift of independence’, and increased confidence that he can remain living independently and comfortably at home.

Oxley Home Care:

Oxley Home Care has been providing community aged care services throughout Sydney since 2006. We specialise in Home Care, Dementia Care and Nursing Care.

We are a Commonwealth Department of Health Approved Provider of Home Care Packages, so the standards of care that we provide are of the highest level.  Our teams of fully experienced and qualified Care Workers and Nurses provide consistently reliable, punctual and professional services.

Call our friendly team to organise a telephone or in-home consultation on 1300 993 591. 

Gilian Douglass


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