Complaints & Feedback

Oxley Home Care’s aim is to promote an open and positive approach to complaints as part of our regular feedback strategy. Oxley Home Care recognises that feedback both positive and negative is essential in order to provide a high quality care that is required


  • Oxley Home Care encourages and promotes feedback as part of its quality improvement process.
  • Using information gained from feedback enhances organisational performance. Service improvements results from both handling complaints at an individual level and from the collation and analysis of complaint data.
  • Oxley Home Care acknowledges complaints and concerns and responds promptly and sensitively.
  • Oxley Home Care encourages resolution of minor complaints at the first point of service wherever possible.
  • Oxley Home Care assesses information and determines appropriate actions and responses based on severity and risk factors involved
  • Oxley Home Care deals with complaints in an unbiased, objective and impartial manner.
  • Oxley Home Care deals with complaints in a professional, private and confidential manner.
  • All complaints will be audited by Oxley Home Care and used to evaluate current services and improve services through continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Feedback is acknowledged and managed efficiently without unnecessary delays.

Complaints and Feedback can be provided by the form on the right, by contacting the General Manager directly on (02) 9986 2266 or by emailing

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