Caring for the Carer

Caring for a person with dementia can be incredibly tough – both mentally and physically. And, many Baby Boomers now find themselves in the “Sandwich Generation” – caring for their elderly parents while still caring for their grandchildren as well.

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Carers of people living with dementia are vulnerable to poor health themselves if they don’t balance the support they provide with their own health and lifestyle needs. When supported by trained Care Managers and Carer Workers, they are less likely to experience burn out.

Oxley Home Care supports many people living with dementia and their carers to live well through the development of personalised health and lifestyle plans. Such plans give access to the right resources and support that are critical to their ongoing good health and quality of life.

Without a structured health and support plan, carers’ health issues can be exacerbated, leading to depression, stress and strain, social isolation, financial issues and sleep disruption.

A good health and lifestyle plan:

  • Encourages ongoing healthy carer support education.
  • Assesses stress levels, diet and sleep.
  • Integrates your health and support plan with that of the person living with dementia.
  • Develops a support network that includes family, community and dementia care professionals.
  • Assists in managing and regulating your feelings for your improved resilience.
  • Incorporates an exercise routine.
  • Helps develop strategies to better manage stress.
  • Recommends taking a break – taking advantage of regular in-home respite care services.

Oxley Home Care, established in 2006, is a family owned Sydney company and an approved government provider for aged care services, specialising in dementia care.

How can Oxley Home Care Help?

Oxley Home Care offers tailored, early intervention and health and lifestyle coaching to people with dementia. Each person assisted is treated as an individual with their own history, memories and likes/dislikes taken into consideration, with services offered from early onset dementia through to palliative dementia care.

Oxley Home Care’s support services for people with dementia and their carers include:

  • Personal care, showering, dressing, grooming, dental hygiene and denture care
  • Activities to assist and minimise behaviours
  • Preparing and serving of meals
  • Daily living support, including domestic assistance
  • Transport to social events
  • Shopping and errands
  • Companionship and leisure activities

In addition, Oxley Home Care’s respite support allows carers to rest and re-energise with peace of mind, on a regular basis.

To find out more about getting the right support and care for a family member with dementia, contact Oxley Home Care on 1300 993 591.

Gilian Douglass

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