Accessing Home Care after 50…

Aboriginal Australians can access aged care services including home care packages from the age of 50, rather than from 65, as applies to non-Indigenous Australians.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), generally, conditions associated with ageing affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at a younger age than non-Indigenous Australians, reflecting generally poorer health compared with other Australians.

And for many Aboriginal Home Care Package clients, it is important to have a carer who understands their culture. As a result, many home care providers employ (or will employ) a carer with an Indigenous background to ensure the client receives the care they wish.

Oxley Home Care has Aboriginal clients and Aboriginal carers, and welcomes Australians of an Indigenous background to call for a complimentary consultation. Our Care Managers will help assess you or your loved one’s situation and can offer advice on the best course of action to take in accessing a Home Care Package.

Home Care Packages are for people with care needs which might normally qualify them for entry into a residential aged care home, but who want to stay in their own homes.

Home Care Packages are delivered through a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model, where the recipient of care has complete choice and flexibility on how care and support is provided and by which care provider.

Home Care Packages are categorised into four levels of care, starting from basic help around the house and transport to more complex nursing care.

In order to access a Home Care Package, first contact My Aged Care by visiting the website or phone on 1800 800 422. They will carry out a telephone screening to determine your or your loved one’s individual needs and eligibility. A member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will then arrange a visit to your home.

For information on Consumer Directed Care and the changes to the Australian aged care sector, click here

And, to learn more about applying for a Home Care Package, click here

About Oxley Home Care

Oxley Home Care, established in 2006, is a family-owned Sydney company and is an Approved Government Provider for aged care services.

Oxley Home Care provides Dementia Care, Private Care, Home Care, Nursing and Allied Health to enable people to live a quality life independently in their own home and stay connected to their local community.

For further information and a free home consultation from Oxley Home Care, please call us on 1300 993 591.

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