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Buying Christmas gifts for family members can sometimes be difficult, and finding presents for elderly relatives can be an even harder task. There is probably nothing they need and very little they want. So, what do you give someone who has almost everything, and their house is already full of family photos, albums, personalised mugs, slippers and hand cream?

Gifts for the bathroom
Maintaining independence and safety around the home is paramount. Check that your loved one’s bathroom has adequate handrails, non-slip surfaces and the taps are in good working order.

Electronic gifts
Technology can be very useful for helping the elderly stay more connected with the community and their families. Gifts like big button telephones, phone ringers which light up and other devices which make it easier for seniors to stay in touch. Computers and smart phones with FaceTime or Skype can make it ever easier. They will love being able to see and hear their families – particularly if they live in a different city or country.

Puzzles and brainteasers
Brain-training games are great gifts for elderly people. Just as everyone can benefit from exercising their body, brain training can help seniors improve their memory, awareness, reasoning, and other cognitive skills. Whether these games delay dementia is still unclear, but constant brain challenges are certainly better than just watching TV.

Gifts for the home
There are lots of items on the market which help promote safety and security in the home, while still preserving independence. Do an audit of your loved one’s home and see where additional assistance may be required. Products that may help include the Safe-T-Pole, an in floor-to-ceiling pole that safely assists standing, sitting, climbing stairs, or transferring. Stools with hand rails, or over-bed and recliner trays may also be useful.

Entertainment gifts
Watching television and movies can be such a pleasure as we become older. For older people who live with others, however, it can be difficult to negotiate a volume that works for everyone. An excellent gift that will allow people with hearing loss to listen at their own volume without disturbing anyone else is a TV listening device.

Theatre tickets
Theatre lovers of all ages will love tickets to the latest play or musical to hit your city’s theatres. Take them out for lunch and a matinee.

Hobby Baskets
If your loved one enjoys crafts, make up a hamper with wool and a new pattern, card-making supplies or embroidery thread. Or if craft is not their passion, fill the hamper with puzzles, games, cards and other activities to stimulate the brain.

Spending time in the garden has been proven to improve health and wellbeing. If your loved one is still active in the garden, buy them some new plants, potting gloves or some gardening magazines or books.

For tips on ensuring that your festive celebration is happy and memorable when family members or loved ones have dementia, click here.

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